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Officially going to Mongolia!

March 29, 2010

After going through the frustrating and unnerving experience that is the Peace Corps application process, on March 13 I received the long-awaited status update that I had been invited to serve and received my actual invitation on March 18.  But really, the application process was not itself terrible.  It’s more the inherent anxiety and excitement that comes along with it and that makes one a little obsessive in checking for updates when one knows darn well there haven’t been any.

To make it super official (no going back now!), I gave my notice at work that Saturday that I got my status update.  I couldn’t wait, and I wanted to give my firm as much time as possible in case they needed to hire someone else.  Oh, and it happened to be that Saturday because I was working all weekend on two motions for summary judgment and an appellate brief, so my butt was firmly planted in my seat in the office, and the two partners I needed to tell were also in the office.  So that was that.  It went surprisingly well.  I had thought about that moment a dozen times and what I was going to say.  I don’t think I gave the grand speech I had prepared in my head, but I communicated what I intended to.  And the partners were very supportive.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  But then my invitation didn’t arrive and I started to get nervous that someone at PC headquarters had accidentally pressed the wrong button and I really wasn’t invited.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case.  Whew!

So now I am thinking of pending to-do and packing lists that I don’t even want to start tackling.  It’s all very exciting, but also daunting.  I think (and hope) things will just work out as they always do, regardless of how much or little I plan or worry.  I leave in a little more than two months, which would seem like a lot of time.  But it’s really not.  I almost wish I had taken more time off now.  My last day at work will be April 15.  That is soon.  I am also trying to figure out this whole blog thing.  I am not tech savvy and do not want to spend my free time trying to figure out how to post the little PC disclaimer that I see on all the PC volunteer blogs.  I can’t believe I can’t figure it out.  I really should pay someone to do this.  Kidding.

Soooo… since my dream really did come true (I feel Cinderella-ish!), I’m glad I started this blog after all.  Disclaimer headaches and all.  It will (hopefully) force me to document the next two completely unpredictable years and also allow me to stay in touch with family and friends.  AND I will learn about blogs.  How could this possibly go wrong?  🙂


This is it.

March 7, 2010

This is my first foray into the blogosphere, at least from an active rather than a passive perspective. I never before thought about starting a blog.  I like reading and learning, but I’m admittedly not so great at journal-keeping and I’m fairly private.  So the reason I decided to become a blogger/story-teller is because I may become a Peace Corps Volunteer in the not so distant future. This has been a dream that’s been a long time in the works; dormant at points perhaps, but nonetheless always there underneath the surface. I am doing it now, at 28, because finally I have no doubts, and very conveniently and providentially all the circumstances in my life are such that I can do it. It is a luxury and a privilege, and I am grateful to life.  Despite the fact that I am about to embark on the most uncertain experience of my life, I have never felt more certain about anything. So here it goes.